For over 75 years, EMCOR Services Northeast has been offering a full range of consistently high-quality facilities services.

It's a tradition that includes HVAC, mechanical, electrical and facilities projects from simple to complex, from facilities maintenance at a single site to complete facilities management responsibility at multiple locations.

The result has been long-term relationships with some of the most prestigious organizations in our area. 

2012 EMCOR Services Northeast CommAir/BALCO receives Energy Star Certification.
2006 EMCOR Services CommAir and EMCOR Services BALCO/J.C. Higgins merge to form a new company called EMCOR Services Northeast CommAir/BALCO.
2000 Name changes to EMCOR Services BALCO/J.C Higgins. We combine resources with sister EMCOR Company J.C. Higgins.
1999 Joined EMCOR Group as a wholly owned subsidiary.
1971 Name changes to BALCO (Boston Air Conditioning and Legassee Refrigeration Company).
1962 Acquired Legassee Refrigeration Company and changed name to Boston Air Legassee Company.
1946 Company founded as Boston Air Conditioning Company.