chiller.jpgChiller Services & Vibration Analysis

As the Boston area's largest independent chiller group, EMCOR Services Northeast's EPA-certified and factory-authorized experts are your single source for comprehensive, high-quality chiller services. We also offer vibration analysis using the newest in vibration analysis tools to detect early failure and avoid costly damage.

And since we are brand neutral, we have vast experience servicing a number of different brands of commercial chiller machines, including:

  • McQuay Chillers
  • Carrier Chillers
  • York Chillers
  • Trane Chiller
  • Dunham Bush Chiller

Our chiller services include:

  • Absorption, centrifugal, reciprocating, & screw machine
  • Non-destructive chiller efficiency-testing services, including:
    • Eddy current tube analysis
    • Infrared scanning
    • Refrigerant analysis
    • Spectrographic oil analysis
    • Vibration analysis
  • Customized chiller system preventive maintenance programs
  • Refrigerant conversion services
  • Retubing services
  • Industrial chiller system & equipment retrofits
  • Tube cleaning services
  • Temporary commercial chiller installation