Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis: The problem

Vibration occurs when a machine or one of its components moves back and forth, up and down, or side to side rapidly.


Sometimes it's desirable. More often, it's not. When it occurs in pumps, motors, bearings, fans and similar components, it may indicate poor balancing, looseness, misalignment or other harmful conditions. The result is the kind of continuous wear that can interrupt your operations— costing you time, money and production.

A vibration analysis program is one of the most effective ways to avoid these problems, before they occur.

Vibration analysis: The solution

Using today's most advanced vibration analysis software and technology, EMCOR Services Northeast's experts establish a vibration baseline for your critical equipment. We then measure performance regularly, watching for significant baseline deviations. 

This lets us detect problems and identify causes early, so you can plan ahead and schedule appropriate maintenance procedures when they’re convenient.

Vibration analysis using the latest in vibration analysis software and technology a smart way to prevent major failures, minimize operational disruptions, and reduce the impact on your business.